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  • Mysterious error/warning in SBS 2008 BPA

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 By Andreas Stenhall + No comments

    When running the Best Practice Analyzer on a Small Business Server 2008 some time ago I received a critical error:

    DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address
    The host (A) resource record points to the incorrect IP address The record should point to

    As we can see the two IP addresses have mysteriously become one. The first being the IP address of the SBS 2008 server and the second one being the RAS IP address. The BPA team gave the following answer:

    That is an issue we are looking into, and it appears to be a possible issue with how the object processor is doing the DNS check.  At this point, a possible workaround (if you are having this show up in the Other Alerts of the SBS Console) would be to schedule a task to run at say 2:04am to do a “net stop remoteaccess ” then another task that runs at say 2:07 am to do a net start remoteaccess.  The SBS 2008 BPA by default should be scheduled to run at 2:05am when it is integrating in with the SBS console. If the second IP address listed is the IP address of the dial-in interface of RRAS then you should be able to ignore that error.

  • Hyper-V gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 By Andreas Stenhall + No comments

    If you are using Hyper-V there is no way you won’t be using the Hyper-V gadget that is available and has been available for a long time for Windows Vista and now also Windows 7. The gadget lists all your virtual machines  and easily let you start, stop, shut down or save the virtual machines.

    Download the Hyper-V gadget