Running the localized version of Windows 7

I’ve had the chance to offer around 70 slots to users for participating in the beta testing of the localized Windows 7 in Swedish. The interest in this opportunity was amazing and all the slots got filled up really fast. Now, we are all eager for the beta test to actually start.

Actually I think it is quite interesting and very useful to run the localized client operating systems from time to time. All (at least almost) servers are running in English and that also applies to my workstations and other machines at home.

A¬†fact is that most users in Sweden actully run the client operating systems in Swedish and by running the localized version of Windows I get a good grip of what all features of the OS, in this case Windows 7, are called in Swedish. This is particularly important when new operating systems arrive such as Windows 7. It is always exiting to learn what some features are translated to in the Swedish version. Let’s see if we get any surprises in Windows 7!


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