Clearing the confusion regarding Libraries and indexed locations in Windows 7

Many users are frustrated to receive the below error message when trying to add network shares or mapped network drives to a Library in Windows 7.

This network location can't be included because it is not indexed.

The error message clearly state what the problem is but it is harder to find out how to solve the problem. You have two options to include the network drive or network share in a Library.

1. Make the network drive available offline by right clicking it and choose “always available offline”. If you cannot control the remote file server as suggested in solution 2 this is the option to use.

2. Make sure that Windows Search 4.0 is installed on the remote file server and make sure that the share or network drive you are adding is indexed on that server. This is the preferred method I would say.

Once either of these two solutions are in place you will be able to successfully add the network share or mapped network drive to your libraries.

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