Poll: What changes do you want to see in Windows 8?

Being asked by Michael Pietroforte, the runner of 4sysops.com, I am joining about 15 other blogs around the globe in this Windows 8 poll.

First of all, I want to thank all who sent me ideas for this Windows 8 poll. Creating a wish list for Windows 8 was more difficult than I anticipated. Obviously, this 25-year-old operating system still has plenty of room for improvement. While all the suggestions I received certainly made sense, I had to reduce the number of options for this poll to a reasonable number. This is why I included only possible key improvements that would have a major impact on the majority of Windows users.

It is quite obvious that Microsoft won’t add all enhancements listed here, and for some features it is not very likely that they will consider them any time soon. But who knows, if those options receive enough votes, someone at Microsoft might get interested. The 15 blogs listed below will run this poll within the next days or so. The votes are automatically integrated in the cloud, so please vote only once. If you also want to run this poll on your blog, please contact me and I will send you the code to embed the widget in a post or on your sidebar.
– Michael Pietroforte

Read more about the poll at 4sysops.com.

These are the 15 blogs participating in this collaborative poll on Windows 8:  Demonic Talking SkullI’M A UC BLOGmarkwilson.itmsigeekStandalone SysadminTechinchTeching It Easy: with WindowsThe Experience BlogThe things that are better left unspokenThe Windows ClubWindowsObserverWindowsProWithin Windows7tutorials4sysops

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