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UserLicenseTypeInvalid when enrolling an iOS device in Intune/ConfigMgr

When setting up and connecting Windows Intune to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and you are trying to enroll a mobile device (iOS device), you may receive the error “UserLicenseTypeInvalid”.

Checking the cloudusersync.log on the ConfigMgr server listed the following two lines which seemed to be relevant:

ERROR: SetLicensedUsers exception System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityNegotiationException: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS with authority ''

Solution: Simply restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service and everything is back on track and you can enroll the user on the mobile device. I have seen this a few times now and thought I’d share some information on it, not sure why it fails quite often though.

UPDATE: I have also seen this (without the error message above) when the user has not been added yet to the User Collection and synced to Intune. Solution is to make sure that the user is added to the Intune user Collection and make sure via cloudusersync.log that the user is added correctly to the Intune service.

Deployment Roadshow vNext and Windows 8 loadfest

Two events are coming up; Deployment Roadshow vNext featuring System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 and a Windows 8 loadfest.

Deployment Roadshow vNext will take place in Sweden’s four largest cities and it will be presented by myself and colleague Johan Arwidmark from Knowledge Factory, Wally Mead the SCCM guru from Microsoft Corp and Mikael Nyström from Truesec. More info about the event at

The Windows 8 loadfest will take place in early December in Stockholm and it hosted by me, Johan Arwidmark, Lars Gustavsson and Tim Nilamaa. More info about the event at

No more duplicate drivers in ConfigMgr, thanks to a patch!

So to end the pain of handling duplicate drivers in System Center Configuration Manager there has been a hotfix released that resolves the issue with “The selected driver has already been imported at this site”, at least partly, depening on what method your are using to apply drivers. Read more about the affected scenarios at the Mike Niehaus blog and download the hotfix from Microsoft.

System Center ConfigMgr, what is up with that?

I haven’t been posting much about System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) but that will change, starting right now. Well System Center ConfigMgr plays a significant role in for instance deployment, management and inventory of Windows clients so it feels natural to extend the posting about SCCM.  I start off with hinting at these two add-ons:

Dashboard manager (beta): Present stats for ConfigMgr with charts, meters and such in a very graphical overview. See status for patch management, depployments and more! Sign up for beta and download at Microsoft Connect.

ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit) Connector: An updated Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 – Application Compatibility Toolkit Connector has been released. This connector presents ACT information in the ConfigMgr console. Download at Microsoft Download center.