I’m adding a new dimension to my community work – combining passion in work with personal interest and believes.

My work which is all about helping organizations build and maintain a secure, mobile, and modern IT workplace. My interests are much about traveling and basically everything that has to do with flying. The last part is something very close to my heart and that is to help reduce impact on the climate and Earth’s limited resources, reaching a sustainable future.

If you combine this, you get Climate Smart IT (https://climatesmartit.com) and how IT can contribute to the organization’s sustainability goals! More can be done for the climate than just enabling double-sided printing :)

Did you for instance know that a typical corporate laptop in its entire lifecycle generates the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions as a 4-hour flight?

Follow my work with Climate Smart IT at climatesmartit.com or follow this LinkedIn group, the Meetup community page or Twitter!