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USMT 4.0 update now migrates Office 2010 settings

Right smack in the middle of the deployment roadshow talking about deploying Windows 7. Tomorrow it is time for the fourth city (Linköping) and it will be our pleasure to announce that USMT 4.0 now finally migrates Office 2010 settings, as of a few hours ago. Download and install from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2023591 and follow the instructions for updating the USMT components if you ar eusing LiteTouch or ZeroTouch deployments.

Prepare for Office 2010 today with Office 2010 Assessment Tool

As always it is good to be prepared and plan ahead and Office 2010 is “soon” to be released so why not prepare for it now instead of later? With Office 2010 Assessment tool you can inventory one or many computers in one go and get a good view on for example which addons are in use, which applications interact with Office and potential problems when upgrading the current version to Office 2010. The tool can be found at Microsoft Download Center.

Office 2010 beta for everyone

Office 2010 beta was just about a couple of hours ago released to the public. Anyone can now download and try the newest Office system from Microsoft. I really like the new features in Outlook 2010 in particular, with the very much improved conversation view which is fantastic. Download and try it yourself today and note before downloading that there are two versions, one for x86 and one for x64.

Download Office Professional Plus 2010 beta

Multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook 2010

How many times have you created a new profile in Outlook for the sile purpose to try another Exchange account in your Outlook? Well, starting with Outlook 2010 you will be able to have up to three Exchange accounts in one profile in Outlook.

Speaking of Office 2010, having used the technical preview of Office 2010 for quite some time now I am really looking forward to the beta version as it will contain quite a few improvements over the technical preview. Hopefully it will be here soon!

Volume Activation changes in Windows 7 and Office 2010

A significant change in Windows 7 volume activation is that you must have 25 physical or virtual machines for the KMS (Key Management Service) to become active. This is different than with windows Vista where you needed 25 phsyical machines for the KMS to start activating your machines.

If you already have a KMS you need to install a patch for it, a patch that will be available soon. You also need a Windows 7 license and also to activate it. Read more about the KMS patch at this blog.

Starting with Office 2010 the new version of the KMS will also serve activations for Office for the first time. Office 2010 will be released some time in the first half next year.