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Optimize your VDI clients using VBscript tool

When running Windows clients in the “cloud”, i.e. virtual Windows clients, there are several things to note and to take into considerations. For instance what will happen every wednesday night at 01:00 when all your X number of Windows clients will start defragmenting their virtual disks? Probably this scenario will significantly impact performance negatively on your virtual cluster disks.

There are many more actions you can take to optimize your clients in a VDI scenario and thanks to Jonathan Bennett this action is very smooth. Run the tool VDI Optimizer and choose what you want to be turned off and out comes a VBscript that you can run for instance at deploy time.

HOW TO: Solve printing problems via RDP #2

Just a quick follow-up on the post on solving printing problems via RDP as I for some not so obvious reason totally forgot about it in the last post. It is very easy to find out which driver a redirected printer actually uses by choosing Properties on the printer and noting what it says under “Model”.

It will state either “Remote Desktop Easy Print” (Terminal Services Easy Print) if you are indeed using the Easy Print printer driver or it will show the real driver name for the printer if it has been mapped with the real driver.

RDS Easy Print