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USMT 4.0 update now migrates Office 2010 settings

Right smack in the middle of the deployment roadshow talking about deploying Windows 7. Tomorrow it is time for the fourth city (Linköping) and it will be our pleasure to announce that USMT 4.0 now finally migrates Office 2010 settings, as of a few hours ago. Download and install from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2023591 and follow the instructions for updating the USMT components if you ar eusing LiteTouch or ZeroTouch deployments.

Group policies messing with your Windows 7 deployment

There a number of group policies that can interfere when you are deploying Windows 7 machines, one of them being the “Admin approval mode for the built-in local administrator account” which if set to enabled breaks deployment using the Lite Touch scenario using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

My fellow MVP and now also colleague Johan Arwidmark has a blog post on two methods for handling problems related to group policies when dpeloying machines, either by settings filters on your group policies or postponing the domain join process.

Annoying Windows 7 deployment bug fixed at last

Deployment Guru Johan Arwidmark wrote a blog post today stating that there is now a hotfix that resolves a rather common problem during deployment, where one after the deployment get to choose the network location although the profile used is the domain profile and the location therefore should be “Work”. The fix has KB article number 2028749.

Patch machines during deployment with MDT 2010

In MDT 2010 you can enable two settings that during deployment of your machines will patch them automatically using a WSUS server of your choice.

Take a look at your existing task sequence(s) and look for “Windows Update (Pre-Application Installation)” and “Windows Update (Post-Application Installation)” and choose to enable them both or just the latter.

In your customsettings.ini somewhere beneath the [Default] section add the row:


Custom commands when deploying Windows 7

I got a question the other day on a problem where a person is installing a set of applications during deployment of Windows 7, using MDT 2010. The problem is that one application requires to be run in Vista compatibility mode before it can even be installed, most likely due to a check in the installer for which Windows version is being used, a rather common compatibility issue.

One solution to this is to use Compatibility Administrator which is a part of ACT to create a so called “shim” which makes the installation go through, fooling the application that the OS is Windows Vista even though it is Windows 7. But, how do we get the shim applied during our deployment, which we want to automatic?

It is rather simple, just add a “run custom command” in the task sequence before the application is installed, which applies the compatibility shim to the machine, making the installation run through. Also note that you can run custom commands in the “applications” section in MDT2010, just add the command line to the path field and off you go!