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New Windows 7 certifications live (70-685 and 70-686)

At last the Microsoft  Certified Professional page show that I have passed both Windows 7 beta exams, named 71-685 Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician and 71-686 Windows 7 Desktop Administration. These exams went live November 20th with the numbers 70-685 and 70-686 and if you have already taken 70-680 i recommend you look into these two new exams.

Previous information telled us that to become a MCITP for Windows 7 one would need to pass not only 70-680 and 70-686 but also an external test from a third party source. Now it seems that this has changed and to become “Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7” all you need is passing 70-680 and 70-686. At least that’s what it says on my transcript and the notes about the third party demand has been pulled from the leaning site. More information about the 70-686 and 70-685 exams!

A few words about 71-680 Windows 7, Configuring

So yesterday I took the 71-680: TS: Windows 7, Configuring exam. As the exam is a beta exam the score will not be known until two months from now. Today I validated a few of my answers to the questions in the exam and it appears that I actually missed a couple of questions which I thought were safe. Anyways, I have to wait two months before I know if I passed the exam or not.

If you haven’t already done so sign up for the beta exam, more info at http://blogs.technet.com/betaexams/archive/2009/04/15/register-for-beta-exam-71-680-ts-windows-7-configuring.aspx