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System Locale not set correctly causing SQL Server to fail installation with error “Performance counter registry hive consistency”

Hit an interesting issue when I was about to do a MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit) scan at a customer. When installing SQL Server Express 2008 R2 I hit a problem  and got the error message “Performance counter registry hive consistency” = FAILED installation.

The problem was that the System Locale was not set properly for my Windows 7 box. Fix was to set it under Region and Language – Administrative tab and there set the system locale and restart the machine. After that the SQL Server installation went fine!

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit SQL limits and recommendations

When you are about to run MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit) assessment it comes by default with a SQL Server 2008 R2 Express database. This has a limit of a database of 10GB. This is in many cases not a problem but in larger environments it can be.

My experience tells me that a 10GB database is good for keeping data for about up to 10 000 machines. If you hit the limit the best option is to use a fully licensed SQL Server which has no limits on the database size.

The second option is to divide the scans to say for instance different OUs and switch between multiple databases. This does not give a combined report in any way so it is definitely not the best option but it will get you there.

The latest version of MAP 6.5 can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.

MAP 5.5 (beta) gives you total control over IE migration

This week has been really intensive with a 5 day course on depoying Windows 7, including the MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit). As always there were a lot of interesting discussions related to Internet Explorer, which many times casues problems when migrating to a later operating system. One of the major problems with IE migrations are that we have little control and historically had problems assessing the current IE, web apps or web browser status. The answer came a couple of nights ago, in the latest beta MAP.

MAP 5.5 beta brings the possibility to inventory for which IE and third party browsers that are used in your organization, which default browsers are set but you will also see all activex controls and browser helper objects are being used, including a count number ith how many times for instance a particular activex control has been used. This is some really great information that will for sure help us in the migrating process when deploying Windows 7.

Get your hands on the beta from Microsoft Connect.