Top posts of 2009

So to summarize the past year I would like to highlight the most popular posts. It is pretty clear that how-tos are without doubt the most popular posts…

#1 How to clean out the Installer directory correctly
MSI and MSP files are stored in the %SYSTEMROOT%\Windows\Installer directory and to free disk space and to clean out this folder you can use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove orphaned objects.

#2 How to install Nvidia video drivers on laptops when all else fails
For instance Sony do not provide 64-bit drivers for a large range of their (older) laptops which makes Windows 7 use a Standard VGA adapter. Nvidias official mobile drivers will not install on many systems but the solution to get those drivers to install is quiet simple and makes graphics on laptops run as smooth as it should.

#3 Troubleshooting blue screen of deaths
This is simply a guide on how to manually debug what a blue screen of death is caused by. Very handy!

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