I noticed an interesting thing the other day when finalizing the annual MVP renewal stats for submission to Microsoft. One blog post, which I posted in October last year, stood out among all other posts on my blog. After looking into the stats for this specific blog post it turns out the number of views on this specific blog post has exploded in the last couple of weeks!

The blog post which has seen a huge increase in number of views recently is about remote controlling Windows computers and fixing the problem with not being able to elevate as administrator in the remote session. Specifically Fixing UAC elevation when remote controlling via Quick Assist or TeamViewer etc. As a side note, the number of views on my other blog posts remain pretty much the same the last month as before.

My interpretation of the increase for this particular blog post is the following. Many people are in a lockdown mode and working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. IT personnel then need to support them while working remotely, and they encounter the issue of elevating as admin due to UAC and seek help fixing this problem.

Could it be a coincidence that this blog post has seen a huge increase in number of views the last couple of weeks? I think not. Stay safe and take care!