This is one of the most mysterious problems I’ve encountered and anyone who can provide input is more than welcome to ping me on Twitter or Teams.


You restart your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device (Azure AD Joined + MEM/Intune enrolled) and after the restart, instead of displaying the last logged on user, the only account on the sign-in screen is an account named “New User”.

This happens extremely rarely, but I’ve seen it a few times. The “New User” comes from nowhere and if you click Switch user it just returns to the same view as below.

I have seen the problem a few times for multiple Windows 10 versions back to at least Windows 10 v1909, and on multiple devices from multiple vendors. Unfortunately I’ve seen it once on a Windows 11 device as well. The other day this problem hit a colleague of mine as well so it’s not just me :) .


Two potential workarounds, which are are far 100% reliable:

  1. Do a Shutdown of the computer. This is often the most successful and quickest recovery.
  2. Restarting multiple times will eventually get you to a point where you can click Switch user and it will give you “Other user” where you can manually enter the UPN of your regular user account together with password, which is the only way of getting in. After that everything works as it usually does!

Thoughts and ideas

I have no idea where to start. A local user account with display name “New User” and username “defaultuser100000” do exist in the affected Windows 10 devices.

Why does it approximately one time out of 100 or even 1000 “lose” the last user and offer no options to login as you typically do, only displaying “New User”? Is it a localization issue? Intermittent problem and very rare to say the least.

Once again, if you have any input you are more than welcome to ping me on Twitter or Teams.